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At Technical Aids, Inc. we're proud of our record of serving the needs of companies and individuals with diverse needs for cabling and wiring harnesses. Visit our OEM registration form to apply for OEM status, request additional information about Technical Aids and the services we perform, or request a quote on a specific job. We'll be happy to get back to you right away and help you reach your objectives for reliable, economical harnesses from a vendor you can trust. At Technical Aids, we know that a new customer is our most important asset. So, please contact us with your requirements today!

Contact the Vice President, John Fenton at Technical Aids, Inc.

At Technical Aids, Inc. we're no stranger to flexibility.

At Technical Aids, Inc. we're proud of our ability to work directly with our customers and help them solve tough wiring harness problems. We work hand-in-hand with you or your engineers to develop the specification for the wiring or cabling harness that suits your needs, your objectives and your pocketbook. Custom design and manufacture is our focus and we can build the harness that your system needs.

"The people at Technical Aids really came to our aid for a tough, technical assembly of a military application cable. Calling on Technical Aids was the perfect solution." - Anne Marie, Purchasing, Comsat RSI.

"We didn't need many harnesses, but assembling them ourselves was proving to be costly in terms of the time and quality control problems our own operation was having. Even though we didn't need many, Technical Aids was able to manufacture them for us at very reasonable rates. I know I can call them for any job." - John Stemple, Engineering, Able Controls Corporation.

"After the bids were all back, there was no question that Technical Aids could assemble and deliver the cabling harnesses we need, in the quantities ordered and at prices that others couldn't match. So after 18 months of deliveries they haven't missed yet" - Linda, Purchasing Director, Hamilton Bell

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